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Mtn Umhlanga Amazing Race Team Build


POSTED: 11-11-2008

Mtn umhlanga amazing race team build

On Saturday the 1st of November a group from telecomunications giant MTN in Mt Edgecombe joined Beach and Bush for a unique walking amazing race around Umhlanga.

The group were apprehensive on arrival as previous team builds with provided by other service providers had not been enjoyed by team members and they had certain preconceptions regarding what would would be required of them.

During the briefing on the end of the new Umhlanga pier the group was split into teams and provided with Garmin handheld GPS units which were to be used to navigate the route of the race.

Challenges completed by the group during their morning out and about along the picturesque Umhlanga Boulevard included:

Blindfolded Beach croquet: a variation on the usual croquet game takes place on the beach.

Activity Course on the Beach: Included a number of mind teasing and physical challenge teambuild activities targeted specifically at certain group dynamics challenges.

Cool Surfer Dude Challenge: Teams need to get photographic proof as they kit themselves out in cool surfer dude outfits at a local surf shop.

Bead Challenge: making up bead necklaces in the companies colours.

Curio Challenge: sourcing various curio items from the street side sellers.

Art Challenge: painting the scenic Umhlanga light house beach scene

The race was very tightly contested and the top teams were only a matter of minutes apart upon arrival at the final challenge the cosktail challenge held at the popular Box Bar in with a view of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

As this teambuild shows, the Amazing Race Team Build is highly customisable and is suitable for small groups or large. In addition it can be done in and around a location or over a wider area using vehicles.

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