Project Carbon Gourmet Challenge Team Build

Project Carbon gourmet challenge team build


POSTED: 2009-06-08

The concept for this team build is quite simple, 3 awesome restaurant a group of budding amateur food critics and a whole lot of amazing tasty food!

The group from Carbon Projects in Richards bay spent 2 hours exploring the culinary delights of the Umhlanga area. In terms of team building this was a new concept to all of the participants. The 2 teams were required to not only judge and crit the food presented but also come up with a list of ingredients and take part in a YouTube interview which was then uploaded the next day. VIEW THE YOUTUBE VIDEO

Teams were focussed and attentive throughout, applying their minds carefully to the food served. Some of the items were traditional fair such as spicy chicken sosaties and Lamb Kleftico. Part of the aim of any team build however is to challenge the teams and a few of the food items were slightly more exotic such as pickled octopus and 'whitebait' a delicacy in Greece.

Restaurants were chosen to compliment each other while at the same time provide a contrasting meal experience with enough variety to keep the teams guessing. Starters were served at Figgato, a novel deli-style restaurant with a wide variety of choices. Mains were at Plakka, a top Greek restaurant with traditional dishes and a lovely open ambience. Deserts were served at 'The Dish', a fine dining establishment.

The group had a great deal of fun guessing and tasting and teams applied themselves very well to the task and team building presented.

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