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Cango Caves

Cango Caves


AREA: Swartberg and Karoo


Until 1894, the tour now known as the Standard Tour, was the only touring option available. The Standard tour starts from the cathedral-like Van Zyl’s Hall and ends approximately 600m further into the cave in the African Drum Room.

Even though the tour covers the largest chambers of the Cave system, it makes relatively easy walking, including a reasonable number of stairs. This is, by far, the most popular option and almost all of the visiting tour operators choose this tour.


In the year 1896, further explorations led to a series of confined and mysterious tunnels and interspersed chambers. Names like Lumbago Alley, the Crystal Palace, Tunnel of Love, Coffin, Post Box and the famous Devils Chimney are very descriptive of what can be expected.

Modern-day adventure pilgrims can experience this “soft adventure” route, providing that you are not claustrophobic and in good health. Fitness, suitable shoes and sporty clothing (and a bit of guts) are all the gear needed to enjoy the oldest and most famous adrenalin icon in South Africa.

Because of the popularity of this touring option among the young (and adventurous!) at heart, the numbers are limited to a maximum of 45 people per group. It is strongly advised to BOOK in advance for this option to avoid disappointment. It takes the better part of 90 minutes to complete and will leave a lasting impression also guaranteeing many interesting stories to be told afterward. It is also the safest way to explore the geological ‘clockwork’ of Africa.

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