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Hole In The Wall

Hole in the Wall


AREA: Wild Coast


The Hole in the Wall is situated just South of Coffee Bay in the Transkei, Eastern Cape of South Africa

I believe the Hole in the Wall is one of South Africa's Most beautiful scenic places. To get to there I parked my car at the Hole in the Wall Hotel because the roads are only suitable for 4X4 vehicles.

I walked toward the beach and approached a young african boy to find out how to get to the Hole in the Wall. He kindly offered to show me the way. He walked me up a small hill to an amazing view point of the Hole in the Wall. It was a beautiful day and miles of the coastline was visible.

The Hole in the Wall is directly in front of a river mouth and is a safe place to swim. Mant people swim out to the Hole in the Wall providing that the surf isn't too rough.

Situated next to the Hole In the Wall is another big hill that ends into a cliff that falls about 50 meters in to the sea. Standing at the top of this hill gives amazing views of the area. The air is so clean and refreshing up on the hill and ones mind is put to rest in such an atmosphere.

On the way down from the hill a small Night Adder crossed our path which caused the little African boy to almost jump off the cliff, nevertheless we avoided the snake and carried on down the hill.

The Whole in the Wall is such a beautiful place and I recomend any one who hasn't seen it to at some stage on their life to make an effort to do so.

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